There are 3 ways to order your scanner. 

Enrollment and Purchase Guide 

(below is just a guide - to order click buy buttons above)

Step 1:  Select an Enrollment Bundle (optional)

Step 1: Select an Enrollment Option – Starter Bundle, Builder Bundle, Tablet, Bluetooth Headset

Step 2:  Pick a Service 

Step 2: Pick a Service – CLICK 'Subscribe and Save' then  ‘Continue’.

NOTE: When you check out, your First Month of Service will display. Also, your ongoing Subscription (AUTHORIZATION ONLY) will display. You will not be charged for the ongoing Subscription until it processes the following month. Even if they look similar,

Step 3:  Additional Items (optional)

Step 3:  Additional Items (this is optional):  Select  accessories of your choice

Step  4:  Account Information

Step  4:  Account Information - Enter, as appropriate, first name, last name, company name, mobile number, email address, and birth date. It is highly recommended you opt in for all Corporate emails by clicking the indicated box, so a check mark appears. Because we value your privacy, if left unchecked you will not receive communications from Solex Corporate and you will miss out on important updates. CLICK ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 5:  Your Mailing Address

Step 5:  Your Mailing Address:  Enter where you want the device to be shipped.  

Note that you can enter a different shipping address as applicable by selecting that option. CLICK ‘Continue’ when done.

Step 6:   Username & Password

Step 6:   Username & Password -  Choose username and password. Password requires one capital letter and one number (Example: Energyboy1) Re-enter password to ensure match. Next, Enter Social Security Number or Tax ID (Required). As a Quantum Living Advocate, you have the ability to earn compensation. Solex requires an SSN or Tax ID in order to send you a tax report the first quarter of each year for your use in filling your taxes with the US Government. To proceed, CLICK ‘Continue’. (see below)

Step 7:  Payment

Step 7:  Payment – Go to ‘add a payment method’ and click ‘credit card’. This will bring up a pop-up window. Enter your credit card number, expiration date, billing address associated with that CC.   CLICK ‘Save’.

Back under Payment, be sure to check all four boxes signifying you agree with the statements listed. CLICK on the links provided to read ‘Policies and Procedures’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘Affiliate Agreement’, and ‘Solex Benefits Plan’. Then CLICK ‘Continue’

Step 8:  Summary

Step 8:  Summary – Read over your order and make sure your cart is correct. If signing up as a QLA, confirm that your cart contains the $49.00 QLA yearly License fee which has been automatically generated.