Documentaries and Videos

Below are some great documentaries and videos to learn more about sound, frequency, and energy and all the science and research behind it.  

The importance of Sound, Resonance, and Frequency

Michael Tellinger shows how sound, resonance, and frequency are the source of all things.  Everything exists in coherent harmony with everything else.  And everything, seen and unseen, has its own prime resonance frequency at which it resonates.  When it stops doing so, it is in “dis-eased” and in dissonance with creation.  This is why we become sick in a state of stress and any other situation that effects our physical and spiritual balance.

The AO scanner identifies what is not resonating properly and helps to bring it back to balance improving both physical and emotional health. 

Everything is Sound

Cymatics - Hans Jenny

"Every organ in our body resonates to a certain frequency.  When our thoughts, emotions, and stress, and the vibrations that that causes de-harmonize the vibrational state of our various parts of our body, we become ill.   

We think ourselves into illness because we're affecting the vibrational state of the body and so every time you think and feel you're resonating a frequency which is making the energy around you resonate to the same frequencies. 

What you give out is what you create"

Shattering Cancer Cells with Resonant Frequencies.  

Anthony Holland brought music and science together in a cancer research lab and shared his amazing findings at a TEDx talk.  

Yet more research on the benefits of sound and frequencies and the power of AO scan in the palm of our hand.  

Exploring Energy and Consciousness

Explore breakthroughs in the fields of energy medicine, quantum physics, DNA and genetics, the biochemistry of emotions and the power of the heart, mind and intentions.

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The Power of Listening and Sound

From the award-winning program, Of Sound Mind and Body: Music & Vibrational Healing, John Beaulieu describes sensing pulsation through our ears, and how our listening effects everything from our mood to our posture, to our perception of ourselves as vibratory beings resonating with myriad energy fields.   Before the frequency scanner, tuning forks were used.  They are still used today.  But now with the advancement in technology, you can tune in with ease using the inner-voice scan custom tones.   

The Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton, author of his book, Biology of Belief does a live lecture explaining the science behind energy.   We have all heard that we are all connected.   We have all heard to think positive thoughts.  Bruce does a great job teaching the science behind it all.   

Imagine if a film came along that exquisitely revealed cures for cancer, working free energy devices, the Unified Field Theory that Einstein was seeking and an ethical playbook to transcend the political polarities shredding relationships worldwide... Well, It’s here today!

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